The Access Army team is headed off to King of the Hammers.

We will have just about everyone involved in Land Use and Access present.  We will be known as Hammers Access & Landuse Team (HALT) while here.

We will all be under one tent, united in the fight to keep public lands open.

We need help in our booth though, so please signup to assist us here; HALT team Signups


The requirements to join are simple. Comply with these criteria and pick a title/rank that fits you.

1. Be a responsible recreationist conforming to off-road code of ethics and common sense.

2. Believe in our country, our freedoms and our right to access our public lands and waterways.

3. Be ready to fight back.

STEPS to JOIN: 1) Fill out our form; and 2) JOIN our GOOGLE group for the Access Army to start communications.

Please fill out our JOIN US Form here 

Immediate Rewards and Gratification:

1..Every new recruit may have two Modules from the Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) if desired; Module I and one elective Module. (read more here and choose your module:

2. Every recruit business that joins our Army and helps out in any way may promote their business here and on the social network connections we use (within reason, of course -- but we want folks to know who supports our Army). We will promote you as well.

3. Every new recruit may have the Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) at 1/2 price. (email Del for more details).

4. Every member of The Access Army will have a title/rank that he/she may display on emails, signature blocks, blogs, networks, etc. That title/rank must be earned (not hard to do) and you can choose the title/rank you are shooting for. In cases of any confusion, the entire Army will be asked for opinions and votes.

5. Access Army businesses that offer special deals or discounts to our members will receive special recognition and respect.

6. More to come as we grow...

JOIN our Google Group here:

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